A service call is for an hour or less and does not include parts. Hopefully we wont need any parts and we can fix your issue within the hour,  but if we do need parts, we can supply you the quote on the spot. If we have the parts in stock we will fix it the same day.


Change Sand Service
Like fine wine, pool filter sand gets better with age, but then it peaks and eventually declines. Its lifespan is rather short—just three to five years. Over the course of a few years, contaminants build up in the sand. Eventually, all that extra gunk builds up so much that it makes the filter prone to clogs. At the same time, the sand becomes incapable of collecting more contaminants. Your filter’s efficiency drops, and your pools water quality suffers.

Cartridge Filter

If dirt or debris is cycled back into your swimming pool, that's a good sign your filter needs attention. As you may know, cartridge filters work on a process known as "clarification." In essence, cartridges use the debris they collect to help improve filtration of your pool water. This means that cleaning too often doesn't allow your filter system to work at optimum filtration efficiency. On the other hand, not cleaning often enough will shorten the life of a cartridge element.

Water Balancing 

Maintaining the chemistry in your pool is just one more job that needs to get done. If you just don’t have the time to adjust the chemistry we will come to your house to get a water sample and bring it back to the store for testing. 

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